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the Autonomous Light Brigade

Inspired by the antics and approach of the Overpass Light Brigade, a loose affiliation of East Texas citizens have joined together to spread their messages using the medium of light.


Vigil for MI CATS 3, & KXL

February 3, 2014:
A double-purpose vigil took place at the Nacogdoches County Courthouse to highlight two separate, but related travesties of justice and morality.

Three people were convicted of misdemeanor trespass and felony resisting arrest in Michigan where they had locked down to Enbridge Pipeline Company equipment in an act of non-violent protest. They now face two years in prison for their attempt to prevent Enbridge from rebuilding their Line 6B, the same one that spilled hundreds of thousands of gallons of diluted tar sands bitumen into the Kalamazoo River.

The judge in the case prohibited the three women from saying anything about the spill. He is also quoted as saying that he wanted to "make an example" of these protesters.

Meanwhile, the U.S. State Department released its Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline. This FSEIS was put together by a company, Environmental Resource Management, that had also contracted to do previous work for TransCanada. The FSEIS appeared to give the KXL project the green light, but now the Secretary of State and President Obama must finally decide whether or not to approve the permit for construction to begin.