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Here Today: KXL South Starts Up

January 22, 2014:
In the somber shadows of the Nacogdoches County Memorial Hospital, the Autonomous Light Brigade commemorates the day that TransCanada's southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline began operation.

Once this pipeline begins carrying diluted tar sands bitumen through Nacogdoches County, it is only a matter of time before residents will learn of its toxic spills here, or elsewhere along its length. It's not a matter of if, but when.

Members of the local NacSTOP organization have vowed to monitor this tar sands pipeline, and to work to make sure that local first responders are prepared to deal with the effects of the inevitable spill. First hand views of TransCanada's questionable construction practices, lack of faith in the regulatory agencies responsible for the original oversight of KXL-south construction, and awareness of TransCanada's overriding goal of profit, are the motivating factors that push some NacSTOP members to take responsibility for seeing that Memorial Hospital will never have to deal with the victims of a major tar sands spill in Nacogdoches County.


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