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PHMSA - Where NTLB & ALB Meet

North Texas Light Brigade; Autonomous Light Brigade: working together on a shared mission.

A two-day workshop put on by the United States Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration turned out to be a terrific time to tap into the talents of two teams of Texas' twinkling twilight troops. Truly.

The two light brigade groups shared the spotlight of the evening to send a message to both the passersby on the street, and the attendees of the PHMSA Workshop that took place at the Richardson, Texas, Hyatt Regency on two days in mid-June.

During the workshop the issue of trust was the unifying theme created by those attending who were representatives of the general public. From the pronouncements of pipeline and tar sands industry spokespersons who were touting their goals of safety, to the labelling of tar sands pipeline warning markers with the simplistic term, "petroleum," trust would seem to be something that is difficult to come by in the realm of the knowledgeable public.

PHMSA wants that to change. We'll see. So, stay tuned.

In the interim, it was a good evening for a light display, and following are some of the images obtained.


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