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Winnsboro Concerns: Pegasus & KXL

Events continue to unfold as western Canadian tar sands oozes southward through the United States. The Winnsboro area of northeast Texas has been shown to be an area of confluence for two of the purportedly benign tools for pushing those tar sands towards the Gulf coast.

Autonomous Light Brigade's continuing adventures in East Texas recently highlighted the location of the crossing of two notorious tar sands pipelines. The Brigade located the big "X" on the ground where just feet separate the 65 year old Exxon Mobil Pegasus pipeline from the underlying, brand-spanking new, TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline.

So, the tar sands carrying pipeline to most recently spill its load in an unsuspecting community passes through land where the most recently constructed tar sands pipeline runs, awaiting its turn at carrying tar sands sludge. The irony is not lost on local landowners who continue to deal with the devastation wrought by installation of the latter.

ALB brings to light, not only the big "X", but also some of those concerns that local landowners continue to have. A statement from one of these landowners is shared below.

Two other landowners who have been dealing with the disruption to their lives and land allowed the ALB to send a message from their properties. Their lack of shared statements here is testimony to the intimidation perpetrated by the corporation that installed the pipe.



Why I am Opposed to the Keystone XL Pipeline

by Betty Sue Scott         

First, and foremost, why I am totally opposed to this pipeline intruding on my property is the safety and welfare of my children and grandchildren. My son and his family live only 400 yards from this dangerous pipeline.

When this pipeline breaks, who is going to tell them to leave their homestead and flee for their lives to escape the toxic effluent and fumes? This pipeline has already impacted their lives in a most dreadful way. They have seen the defective welds in the pipe with light showing through the supposedly airtight seams.

Secondly, I am distressed over the negative environmental impacts created on my property against my wishes and demands. I lament the loss of my forest and cover for the wild creatures that used to flourish in these woods. There will always be an ugly scar on the land where nothing will be allowed to grow. I fear that erosion of my land will be a huge problem.

Thirdly, I am distressed about the national impact this long pipeline will have on our country's water supply as it and other pipelines moving bitumen have already demonstrated.

Even if no bitumen is ever heated and forced through this pipe on my land, my property will never be the same to me. I have fought this unwanted entity to the best of my ability.

The distress of this fight has caused serious health problems for me personally, both mentally and physically.

I wish, with all my heart, that this horrible pipeline had never, ever visited me, my family, and my land.

Betty Sue Scott stands by her ALB message.


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